By Allen O'Bannon, Mike Clelland

Hilarious and sensible information regarding the artwork of backpacking from NOLS instructors.

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As a tool, they should add to your balance, not provide you with balance. 50 Travel Techniques Rest Breaks As stated earlier you want to keep most rest breaks short. Five to ten minutes is just enough time to rest some muscles (take your pack off), drink some water, chow on some snacks, and look at the view. Eating and drinking at each rest stop keeps you hydrated and fueled up. This is important because you are expending a lot of calories. " This is just a short little break to look at the map and reconfirm where you are with your hiking partners.

For doing a lot of off-trail travel, sturdy boots are especially important. Not only do these boots offer good ankle support (so you don't sprain your ankle), but they also protect your feet from the abuse that comes with travel on uneven terrain. In today's techno world, boots no longer have to weigh 5 pounds each to be considered sturdy. The saying that "a pound on the foot is like 5 on the back" actually has a lot of truth to it. Just think of how many steps you take and how many times you are lifting that extra weight.

Tents come in all shapes and sizes, and not all are created equal. The more poles a tent has, the more it will weigh, and the more fussing you will have to do to set it up. A vestibule gives you a place to store gear but also adds weight and may make getting in and out harder. Cheap zippers won't last long, nor will a cheap tent. Some tents are freestanding, meaning they set up without any stakes or guy lines. Of course, you still need to stake these tents out if you don't want them to blow away.

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