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The parameters measured should be sufficient to show that all components that were repaired, replaced or disturbed during repairs are functioning properly within the system. A typical operational test consists of raising and lowering the platform with no load through five complete cycles, two at slow speed and three at rated speed. New elevators or existing elevators completing a class B overhaul should be operationally tested with rated load for one hour to prove performance and durability. The following parameters should be measured and compared to the elevator and component design standards: a.

The date the wire ropes were replaced. d. The activity replacing the wire ropes. e. Any pertinent remarks concerning the condition of the removed wire ropes. 2 LUBRICATION. Proper lubrication of the hoisting wire rope is essential to reliable aircraft elevator operation. Wire rope is delivered with internal lubrication and a preservative coating. The preservative coating should be removed immediately prior to installation and the ropes lubricated with wire rope grease (MIL-G18458). The wire rope grease lubricates the outer portion of the ropes to minimize wear as they roll over the sheaves and also prevents water from entering the rope where it can remove lubricant and cause undetected corrosion.

D. Sump leak-off connections should be inspected monthly and excessive leakage corrected. e. The hydraulic engine piston rod and seal require frequent inspection and maintenance to ensure proper sealing. The actual frequency depends on the particular installation and the cleanliness of the machinery room. If appropriate maintenance is not performed, foreign matter can accumulate on the exposed surface of the piston rod and can cause excessive wear of the packing and scratches on the piston rod.

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