By Rodolfo Paoletti, Dr. David Kritchevsky

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25 M sucrose homogenate of rat adipose tissue. 25 M sucrose homogenate upon "Ediol" and a variety of synthetic triglycérides. This activity furthermore was "hormone-sensitive," being stimulated by prior exposure of the tissue to epinephrine; it appeared to be associated with microsomelike subcellular particles, judging from sedimentation characteristics. " Only the activity in fluid fraction -f- "microsomes" appeared to be sensitive to epinephrine. Thus it is apparent that the nature, location, and substrate specificity of the various intracellular lipases of the rat's fat cell is a complex problem calling for further investigation.

1 reproduced from Flatt and Ball (1964); a general overview of the interrelationships between the pathways for metabolism of glucose, FFA, stored intracellular triglycéride, and extracellular triglycéride is given in Fig. 2. In contrast to the thorough investigation of the young rat's adipose tissue, only a few studies have been devoted to this organ in the rat > 350 gm ( > 7 months); these results nevertheless diverge in several respects from the conclusions reached with the tissue of the younger animal.

35 36 DANIEL RUDMAN AND M A R I O DI GIROLAMO VI. VII. VIII. IX. X. XI. C. Hormonal Effects on FFA Mobilization 70 D. Newly Recognized Lipolytic Peptides of the Pituitary Gland 75 Adipose Tissue of the Guinea Pig 78 Adipose Tissue of Man 79 A. Metabolic Pathways 79 B. Hormonal Effects on Glucose Metabolism 82 C. Hormonal Effects on FFA Mobilization 83 Adipose Tissue of Birds 85 A. Metabolic Pathways 86 B. Hormonal Effects on FFA Mobilization 87 Adipose Tissue of Other Species 88 A. Dog 88 B. Cat 89 C.

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