By Rodolfo Paoletti, Dr. David Kritchevsky

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Essentially this theory amounts to the converse of the monoacid theory. Perhaps it is most simply expressed as follows: if an acid forms a third or more of the total acids present, it will occur at least once in every glyceride; if it forms two-thirds it will occur twice; and only when it forms more than two-thirds of the total acids will it appear as a simple triglycéride. Hilditch (1956) has objected to the rigorous application of this theory in mathematical terms, but, as Dutton et al. (1950) have pointed out, unless the rule is applied strictly it becomes impossible to make the necessary comparisons between various theoretical predictions and experimental results.

8 - 1 6 . 3 - 5 . 0 ) S2U = ( 4 3 . 0) U 3 = ( 5 . 7 Kartha has advanced a mechanism to account for the results which agree with the restricted random distribution. The basis of this is the concept that the enzymes responsible for fat synthesis are unable to handle solid glycerides, so that, whereas the glycerides are assembled on a random basis in the first instance, when the trisaturated content reaches an amount where any further increase would produce a solid glyceride mixture at the temperature of the organism, no more saturated glycerides are formed.

8 — 2,5) = 2 1 . 3 % of the S3 fraction with the SU2 and U 3 fractions, in proportion to their U content. 8) = 5 3 . 0 of S3 exchanges with U 3 . 0 of SU2. Hence the final proportions are as given in the accompanying tabulation. 39 Structural Investigation of Natural Fats The experimental figures are taken from Coleman (1961) and illustrate the very good agreement which may be obtained by this method of calculation. Kartha (1953b) lists some twenty-seven fats, of both vegetable and animal origin, for which good agreement for the proportions of the four glyceride classes are given by this type of calculation and the oxidation procedure which he has described (1953a).

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