By Alton Meister

Ribonuclease P: An Enzyme with a Catalytic RNA Subunit (S. Altman).

law of Escherichia coli Glutamine Synthetase (S. Rhee, et al.).

Glucose 6-Phosphatase: ideas of Membrane-Function dating (K. Sukalski & R. Nordlie).

Chiral Phosphorothioates: Stereochemical research of Enzymatic Substitution at Phosphorus (P. Frey).

Serotonin and Peptide Immunoneuromodulators: fresh Discoveries and New rules (D. Silverman & M. Karnovsky).

The Phosphyglycerate Mutases (L. Fothergill-Gilmore & H. Watson).

Mechanism and law of the Glutamine-Dependent Carbamyl Phosphate Synthetase of Escherichia coli (A. Meister).

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RHEE, P. CHOCK AND E. STADTMAN (82). 2 sec-' determined directly from steady-state assay conditions. Of the forward rate constants, the constant for the formation of the y-glutamyl phosphate step is somewhat lower than other steps. However, a value of 14 sec-' has also been assigned for the ADP off-rate based on isotope-partitioning experiments carried out at 10°C (83). In this study it was suggested that the release of ADP is rate limiting in the catalytic cycle. Unlike the unadenylylated enzyme, the adenylylated enzyme exhibits only negligible fluorescence changes upon substrate binding.

Coli enzyme (28,30). The model shows (29) that the outer diameter of the hexameric ring is 143 A. The central channel, 40 A in diameter, is not completely open as a result of the protrusion of a loop formed by the hydrophilic segment of residues 156-173 which reduce the open, inner diameter to 24 A (see Fig. 2a). This loop is pointed toward the interior of the cavity; however, it is easily accessible to proteolytic cleavage (31-33) by relatively small proteases. For example, with chymotrypsin and subtilisin, limited proteolysis occurs between Tyr-179 and Phe- 180; and with trypsin and Staphylococcus aureus, cleavage occurs between Lys-169 and Gly-170 and between Glu-165 and Gly-166, respectively.

The GGA that serves as the substrate-binding site from cyclization begins four nucleotides downstream from the GGA shown in panel A; nearby tripurine sequences can also serve the function. (C) Self-splicing of the Tetrahyrnena pre-rRNA. The guanosine nucleotide shown in italics is not encoded by the DNA but is added to the IV during the splicing reaction. Reprinted from reference 5 with permission. 28 SIDNEY ALTMAN TABLE 4 Some Properties of Catalytic RNAs RNA 1. Group I introns 2. Group I1 introns 3.

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