By François Cooren

What occurs while humans speak or discussion with one another? this is often the daunting query that this booklet proposes to handle by means of ranging from a debatable speculation: What if human interactants weren't the single ones to be thought of, paraphrasing Austin (1962), as “doing issues with words”? that's, what if different “things” may be granted the prestige of brokers in a dialogical state of affairs? Action and organisation in discussion: ardour, incarnation, and ventriloquism proposes to discover this distinctive speculation by way of mobilizing metaphorically the idea of ventriloquism. in line with this ventriloqual point of view, interactions are by no means merely neighborhood, yet dislocal, that's, they consistently mobilize figures (collectives, rules, values, feelings, etc.) that incarnate themselves in people’s discussions. This hugely unique publication, which develops the analytical, sensible and moral dimensions of one of these theoretical positioning, will be of curiosity to verbal exchange students, linguists, sociologists, dialog analysts, administration and organizational students, in addition to philosophers attracted to language, motion and ethics

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Several interesting things can be identified in this passage. First, if we concentrate on what the Chief Technician says in lines 59–60, we notice that he is orienting to the note – what Kuhn (2008) would call a concrete text – posted on the laboratory wall as something that they honored. In this context, the fact that they “honored” the note means that they followed its instructions, which implicitly positions the note as having done something: providing them with directives. One could, of course, retort that this is just a “way of speaking” and that the note did not do anything, only the author of the note did.

I follow a useful philosophical practice in calling anything an agent does intentionally an action, including intentional omissions. What is really needed is some suitably generic term to bridge the following gap: supposed ‘A’ is a description of an action, ‘B’ something done voluntarily, though not intentionally, and ‘C’ is a description of something done involuntarily and unintentionally; finally, supposed A = B = C. Then A, B and C are the same – what? ‘Action’, ‘event’, ‘thing done’, each have, at least in some contexts, a strange ring when coupled with the wrong sort of description.

While concrete texts “are signs and symbols that are inscribed in some (relatively) permanent form, such as policy/technical documents, products, images, rules, instruments, emails, or memoranda” (p. 1234), figurative texts “are abstract representations of practice sites, communities, and firms” (p. 1234). In this book, the term text will however be used to refer to both written and oral texts. 29 30 Action and Agency in Dialogue text thus functions as a de-authored text to the extent that any trace of authorship has been erased from the document (see also Yates 1993).

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