By G.J. Heij,J.W. Erisman

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47 The deposition of the various components per acidification area for forest in 1993 is given in Appendix B. 6 presents the mean values per component for The Netherlands for deciduous forest, coniferous forest, average mixed forest, heathland and other nature areas. These values were determined for the 5x5 km grid cells in which these types of land use are dominant. 3% by other types of nature area. The deposition to the "average Dutch forest" compared to the "average Dutch landscape" is 33% higher for SO x, +34% for NOy, +18% for NH~ and +25% for total potential acid.

The dry deposition contribution of NO r increased from 7% to reach 10% in 1993. 8 also shows the composition of acid deposition to forest in 1993. The dry deposition contribution is larger than that for "the average Dutch landscape". NHx makes up by far the largest part of the total nitrogen deposition to The Netherlands, at 73%. The Netherlands is divided into 20 acidification areas. Loads per acidification area are given in Appendix B for 1980 and 1993. 10 for 1993. The deposition is higher in some areas than in the rest of the country.

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