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Neutrinos with non-zero mass). e. b2 ≡ Pg (k)/Pm (k), where Pg (k) is the measured galaxy distribution power spectrum and Pm (k) is the matter power spectrum. Although b is in principle scale dependent, there are good reasons to believe that b is a constant on the scales considered in the analysis [193]. The authors of this study absorbed this constant in the amplitude A of the power spectrum of density fluctuations taken as a free parameter. There is a vast parameter space available for the analysis, and again it helps to take other cosmological inputs into consideration.

1). Relevant for the purposes of this review is the determination of the neutrino mass if the Z-burst mechanism turns out to be the solution to the GZK puzzle, as discussed in Ref. [26] (see also Ref. [228]). A detailed analysis has been done in Ref. [229], where the observed UHE cosmic ray spectrum is compared with the predictions of the Z-burst model. In the analysis one uses collider data to derive the spectra of the final state, and finally one determines the energy losses in the propagation of particles until reaching the Earth atmosphere.

The elements of the neutrino mixing matrix Uei are complex quantities. 6) where ηi = i ρi is the CP-parity of the neutrino νi (ρi = ±1). Let us write down Uei = |Uei | ei αi . From Eq. 7) π ρi . 9) m = |Uei|2 ei 2 ρi mi . 5 × 10−2 Table 1: Future neutrinoless double-β decay projects. The results of many experiments on the search for (ββ)0ν -decay are available at present (see Refs. [23, 124]). No indication in favor of (ββ)0ν -decay have been obtained up to now11 . ) (IGEX) . 35) eV (Heidelberg-Moscow) , (IGEX) .

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