By Brenda Chamberlain

A stunning and private account of the time spent by way of Brenda Chamberlain at the Greek Island of Ydra within the early 1960's. Sea and harbor, mountain and monastery, her associates and acquaintances are unforgettably pictured; those have been the truth outdoor herself whereas inside there has been a clash of emotion and warring wishes that's additionally vividly dropped at lifestyles. pleasure and woe are woven high quality during this list: the pride of a mess of unpolluted reviews thronging to the senses, the being affected by which she emerges with new realizing of herself and human lifestyles.

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In the yard is a wash-house containing two big wine butts lying on their sides, from one of which Varvara ran me off a bottle of home-made retsina. The wine was harsh, of a strong golden colour and with such a taste as one would expect to come out of this shaly arid land. The old mother, save for a long siesta time when the curtain is drawn over the closed door, sits an incubus outside day-long, preying on her daughter below. She is preparing for winter, with raw wool and spindle busy. 9 On our way to the turpentine forest, where the English family and I had decided to spend the midsummer night, we were passed by three mules that had escaped from their 24 stable at the head of the valley.

14 Black-haired and with a pale oval face, a girl on muleback, followed by a young man and a handsome papas, tall as an El Greco saint, both on foot, came down the steps from Kiapha, crossed the wells, and went up the other side of the valley. Later in the evening, I heard a bell ringing from the abandoned monastery, then for the first time I saw lights shining from its long windows. The bell was rung again this morning. At dusk, the three returned in the same order, the girl ahead on the mule, followed by the young man and the smiling papas.

She would not for one moment give up her position in the house. During this time, the cats, cock and hens had to live outside, but the cock was fed liberally with corn by the old woman. The workmen laughed amidst the battle, but even they were plainly in a hurry to get out and away from the turmoil. When the men had almost finished their work, Sophia began to sweep the cement dust off the steps outside, towards the open door of the house, muttering and moaning to herself. Kassandra had during the drama deserted her own orderly house and had fed her granddaughter inside the grandmother’s house-door.

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