By F. E. Peters

Peters during this e-book supplies an outline of Islam in accordance with Islamic resources. He describes the faith, ideals and ideas. He presents quotations from Islamic thinkers. occasionally he contains his perspectives. He doesn't separate if the resources are trustworthy or not.Areas lined, start of Prophet(SA), enlargement of Islam, Islamic sciences, islamic thinkers, Islamic Theology, Hadith technology, Sufism.There are definitely a few statements which are disputed by way of others however it isn't really Newton's Physics in order that all get an analogous effects. i wouldn't take the e-book as an absolute resource ebook yet relatively as a refernce element to assist to make up ones brain and visit the referenced assets at once. ebook has enormous references for comparability or see the quotations in content material. it isn't written from the purpose of a Sufi who has trust in Islam yet relatively as a Theology.

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Announce to the people the pilgrimage (hajj). ] that they may witness the benefits and recollect the name of God in the well-known days over the sacrificial animals he has provided for them. Eat thereof and feed the poor in want. Then let them complete their rituals and perform their vows and circumambulate the Ancient House. Such is it [that is, the pilgrimage]. Whoever honors the sacred rites of God, for him is it good in the sight of God. (Quran 22:27–30) It is clear from these and similar Quranic texts that the original pilgrimage rituals were not so much being described to Abraham as alluded to for the benefit of a Meccan audience that was already quite familiar with them.

Had she not done that, the waters of Zamzam would have gone on flowing to the surface forever. 278–279) [tabari 1987: 72–74] 6. Abraham the Builder Adam, it will be recalled, built the first Ka‹ba at Mecca on the model of a heavenly prototype. It was no longer standing in Abraham’s day, however, as the resumption of Tha‹alibi’s narative explains. 18 introduction That was the beginning of the story of the Ka‹ba, may God protect it. It remained in that state until the days of the Flood. During the days of the Flood, God raised it to the fourth heaven and sent Gabriel to conceal the Black Stone on Mount Abu Qubays, preserving it from being submerged.

Quran 34:13), but it is impossible to believe that God would permit his prophet to bow down before an idol. Should something take place (in Solomon’s kingdom of which he is) unaware, then certainly he was not held responsible. (Zamakhshari, Commentary on Quran 38:34) 10. The Muslims’ Jesus The Quran does not much dwell on Jewish history or personalities after Solomon, though in one place (Quran 9:30) it is suggested that at least some Jews regarded Ezra as the son of God in the same fashion as the Christians did Christ.

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