By Elizabeth Young

From the fire-hot writer of requesting difficulty comes a moment irresistibly humorous and romantic novel, during which we meet the delightfully depraved Harriet and John, who're matched as completely as scones and clotted cream -- if purely Harriet could permit herself indulge. as much as her eyeballs in her acquaintances' dramas, Harriet gray has no time for her personal, not to mention getting entangled with John Mackenzie. And notwithstanding it has been a long time because she's met some of the most wonderful males London has to provide, it sort of feels John's entangled with another person. Or is he? notwithstanding they are saying all's reasonable in love, Harriet isn't really approximately to complicate her existence -- or chance her middle. however the continual John turns out to pop up far and wide she turns, and shortly she's agreeing to fulfill him for a cocktail to pay off a desire. finally, what damage can pop out of 1 blameless little drink? perhaps a couple of breathtaking kisses, a few suspiciously lingering embraces, and a superb weak-kneed dizziness that almost all certainly isn't the flu. and that is prior to she reveals herself on their own with John at Christmas. .

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Actually, Rosie's not that thick. As she gaped at me I saw her brain furiously working back, going whir whiz bang , and so on. When it finally went click her eyes popped wider still, if such a thing were possible. Just across the road was the Drunken Dragon. " I asked. " Rosie found her voice. " Me ? What about you? " Chapter One � » I don't quite know why I said "sins" back there. I never set out to pinch anyone's bloke, let alone Nina's. The day it all started, picking up a bloke was the last thing on my mind.

His spark had practically turned into a fire hazard, most of it coming from those greeny-blue eyes. For some reason I thought of those corny old films in which the hapless Lady Arabella's carriage is held up on the Great North Road. " she says hotly to the horrid, rough-looking fellow in the mask. " And the rough-looking fellow drawls, " Then I will have your virtue, my lady" and she suddenly sees the wicked glint in the eyes behind the mask, and thinks, " Well, actually " Thinking, Trust bloody Nina to get a bloke like this, I said hastily, "Well, better hit the road, if I can find a cab," and readjusted my shopping.

And I took my first, proper, full-face look. My first thought was: Well, might have known, just the sort of bloke I'd expect to see attached to Nina, followed swiftly by: On the other hand, maybe not. The last time I'd seen her (at a wedding four years back) she'd had some tall, dark specimen in tow, of the type generally described as classically good-looking, with an eligibility rating of eleven and a half out of ten. I say "generally" because although everything about him was theoretically perfect, personally I hadn't been particularly impressed.

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