By Andrew R. Hoehn, Adam Grissom, David A. Ochmanek, David A. Shlapak, Alan J. Vick

An rising U.S. grand strategy--the advertising of democracy and freedom abroad--will definitely contain the U.S. defense force. even though they have to swap to fulfill alterations in emphasis and insist, they can not hazard their ancient strengths. a few parts of curiosity are the association and employment of forces, making plans for destiny conflicts, constructing info assets, and fostering partnerships one of the companies and with allies.

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Promoting Democracy and Freedom Abroad 11 needed to meet the demands of these requirements is the focus of the chapters that follow. S. grand strategy is one important source of change in the geopolitical environment, it is not the sole, or even the primary, force at work; the world has dynamics and logics of its own that strategy must accommodate or change. While the security environment may exhibit a rough equilibrium for protracted periods, it is subject to occasional and often unpredictable eruptions of change.

The forces and capabilities required for these sorts of operations are essentially the same as those required for countering terrorist and insurgent groups. Depending on the balance of power between the government and the forces of disorder, fairly large increments of outside combat forces might also be required. S. S. response to them have pushed to the fore “new” missions of countering terrorist and insurgent groups and helping to stabilize conditions in newly democratic states. But more-familiar missions remain and are, in many ways, as important as ever.

Unless enemy leaders can somehow be deterred from using nuclear weapons, forward bases and concentrations of troops or materiel on land may become untenable. S. forces to base there for fear of being attacked. -led military operation is to end the regime of the adversary state. What appears at first to be a familiar mission of regional power projection is taking on new and troubling dimensions. Chapter Five addresses the implications of these trends for modernization priorities, but we list here the primary types of forces and capabilities called for in prosecuting operations against regional adversaries: • large numbers of ships and cargo aircraft to transport forces to the theater and to support sustained operations Toward a New Division of Labor 35 • aerial refueling assets to support the airlift effort and to allow surveillance and combat aircraft to operate effectively, especially if bases outside the theater are used • air and missile defenses to protect forward forces and bases and to extend some measure of protection to allies’ civil infrastructure and populations • airborne and space-based platforms to provide comprehensive surveillance over enemy territory • capabilities for gaining and maintaining air and maritime superiority over and around the enemy’s territory so that joint forces can observe and strike enemy forces at will and enjoy freedom of maneuver • aircraft and cruise missiles for responsive; precise; and, at times, high-volume attacks on enemy forces and supporting infrastructure.

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