By Zhenpeng Su

This thesis makes a speciality of the development and alertness of an electron radiation belt kinetic version together with numerous adiabatic and non-adiabatic tactics. The terrestrial radiation belt used to be found over 50 years in the past and has acquired a resurgence of curiosity in recent times. the most drivers of radiation belt examine are the basic technological know-how questions surrounding its advanced and dramatic dynamics and especially its capability dangers posed to space-borne platforms. The institution of physics-based radiation belt types can be capable of establish the contributions of varied mechanisms, forecast the long run radiation belt evolution after which mitigate its opposed area climate effects.

Dr. Su is now an Professor works in division of Geophysics and Planetary Sciences, collage of technology and know-how of China, Hefei, China.

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2009a). Based on previous works (Li et al. 2007; Summers et al. 2007b), we concentrate here on the parallelpropagating He+ band EMIC waves. The background ion composition is assumed to be 70 %H+ + 20 %He+ + 10 %O+ . 70 o+ . For such parallel-propagating L-mode waves, only the n = 1 order cyclotron resonance can occur (Summers 2005). The obtained diffusion rate distributions and profiles are plotted in Figs. 10. The modeled EMIC waves can only resonate with the high energy electrons (Summers 2005; Summers et al.

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