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Outfitted at the scarce, yet now not insignificant surviving fabrics of Andalusi Arabic, this paintings offers a synchronic descriptive survey as whole as attainable of its uncomplicated grammar and lexicon, plus a few diachronic comparative feedback, permitting the reader to acquire a close to exact photo of this subject-matter.

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Aixarop “syrup”, vs. Cs. jarabe, from SA aˇssˇ ar¯ab. In other instances, however, this phenomenon is likely connected with the tense feature implied by gemination or other circumstances, like Alc. chupáka = /ˇcuppáha/ “sound produced with the mouth”, spelled in VA ˙ ¯ as ›ˇgubb¯ahah‹ “soap bubble”, possibly by contamination of devoicing to the ¯ whole consonantal skeleton. 335–336 and the text sample Nº 6, l. 10, of this work); nevertheless, both the historical evidence about his being called in Cs.

10, of this work); nevertheless, both the historical evidence about his being called in Cs. mío Cid = AA sídi “milord” by his bilingual henchmen, and the linguistic fact that AA does not register that infrequent CA item force us to reject that hypothesis. However, a posteriori, the phonetic likeness, even identity in AA, between both words, must have offered an easy pun to learned Muslims: in fact, in that same text l. 16, Rodrigo is again alluded to as alacet “the lion” (< SA al" asad), it being known that wolves and lions were lexically confused in AA, in which ›labu" ah = labwah = lawwah‹ “lioness” is rendered by VA as Lt.

SA lu" lu" ah, cf. GL ›lawlu" ah‹ and Ml. 1). , in Cs. and Pt. almez “honey-barry”, from SA mays, vs. Cs. alcaide, Ct. alcayd/t “governor”, from SA alq¯a" id, or Pt. aceifa “harvest”, from SA ass¯a" ifah. , VA ›hayt‹ “wall”, ˙ ˙ › #aylah‹ “family” and ›taws‹ “peacock” for SA h¯a" it, #a¯ " ilah and ›t¯a" u¯ s‹, IQ ˙ ˙ ˙ ˙ ›ˇgid‹ for SA gˇ ayyid “good”, Z 511 ›midatuh‹ “his table”, for SA m¯a" idah and, in Rm. transcriptions, Old Ct. algueber “runaway owner”, from SA alg¯ ˙ a" ib “absent”, with a Rm.

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