By David Dalglish

From USA Today bestselling writer David Dalglish
The Underworld ideas town of Veldaren. Thieves, smugglers, assassins... they worry just one guy.
In e-book number 1 of the Shadowdance sequence, Thren Felhorn is the best murderer of his time. all of the thieves' guilds of the town are lower than his unflinching keep watch over. If he has his approach, dying will quickly spill out from the shadows and into the streets.
Aaron is Thren's son, knowledgeable to be inheritor to his father's legal empire. He's chilly, ruthless - every little thing an murderer can be. but if Aaron hazards his existence to guard a priest's daughter from his personal guild, he glimpses an international past piston, daggers, and the iron rule of his father.
Assassin or protector; each selection has its consequences.

Fantasy writer David Dalglish spins a story of retribution and darkness, and an underworld attaining for final power.

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